Sending our letters to Charlotte 💖 a beautiful friend who is missed so very much! Thank you for a lovely evening Kate, Becca, Danni, Jade, Suzanne, Katie... And Charlottes wonderful grandmother xxxxxx #bonfire #fire #letters #forcharlotte #cry #cardiacriskintheyoung #CRY4Friends #3years #foreveryoung #foreverloved #forevermissed 💕
So this week is CRY’s Raising Awareness Week and I was honoured to be invited to the House Of Commons to a parliamentary reception (on the terrace pavilion no less!!) to meet fellow CRY supporters along with Alison Cox (founder) and leading cardiac Doctors,researchers and bereavement specialists. CRY has launched their #CRY4friends campaign where young people can share their stories via Facebook, Twitter and instagram about losing a friend to a sudden cardiac death. There has been a booklet compiled to help friends affected and all shared stories and photos are collated on the website I am also pleased to announce that the straths very own screening event has been booked and will take place on Morgans Birthday- 5th of May 2019 (venue to be disclosed at later date). It’s not just my fundraising that’s achieved’s thanks to family, friends and our local community who has achieved this so THANK YOU! Dr Sanjay Sharma announced last night that 89% of young sudden cardiac deaths can be PREVENTED through screening. Let’s screen our young people and prevent another tragedy 💔 Next step for me is to continue awareness and assist CRY in rolling out a national strategy through knocking down obstacles and I’ll be looking to our own MP (email and letter already sent) for assistance. Tears flowed freely (as did the wine) last night as I talked to other families who are just as bereft as us. Morgan..I love and miss you, my best friend, my best boy. This is because of you. Even in death you are incredible #CRY4Morgan #cardiacriskintheyoung #12AWeek
George is proud to represent ☺ This year we lost one of our dear friends 😓 the word legend often gets overused and watered down but @recarofiestars really was...a legend. 👑 @sarahpitts1989 has created and distributing these awesome 👍 airfresherners in his memory... contact her to get involved...look cool, smell good, raise some money for an amazing charity and remember a proper legend ❤ miss you mate. X Air Fresheners have arrived!! 😍 I have the following fragrances: - Cinnamon & Raisin - Clean & Fresh - Forest Fruits All money raised will go directly to the memorial fund of Stephen Ridgley set up to help Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY), an amazing Charity very close to me ❤️. £2.50 each - possible to post too (extra cost TBC) contact @sarahpitts1989 #Cry #12aweek #goonsteve #cry4friends #cardiacriskintheyoung #charity #shitboxracing #fpe #stevo #oohfriend #carfriend #thumbsup #ndtuning #missyoumate
Great initiative #CRY4friends from @cardiacriskintheyoung ❤️ I will never get over losing a friend so young and it is so important for young people to talk openly about their loss #forjamesfriends 3 years on the sadness is still overwhelming, not being able to say goodbye, so much left unsaid, how different our lives are now, how much this taught me about what is important in life x #cardiacriskintheyoung Test your heart 🤙✌️ #forjames @fiz_bee 😘
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