Read more on @cardiacriskintheyoung website about #CRY4FRIENDS | On the 11th of May we’ll be raising money for CRY and all the amazing work that they do | Ticket link in bio! #JIMFEST2018
#cry4friends Sometimes when I'm in my worst low points both dealing with day to day grief and life without her in general, it's really easy to question yourself and where you are in life. But I always try and remember that I wouldn't be here in this masters course if my best friend Liz hadn't encouraged me to apply last year. She gave me confidence I didn't have and was always my no1 fan. I miss her so much but it's always such a nice encouraging thought to hold that I'm where I am because of her and it's something I'll have for life. She had so much more to inspire, so for now I'll just try and use the last of what she gave me. Although it always sounded better in her voice 💚 #bestfriend #LadyLiz #inspiration #hero @cardiacriskintheyoung
#CRY4Friends is a campaign to highlight the grief felt by young people when they experience the death of a friend. CRY hopes this initiative will encourage young people to share their #memories and to talk openly about their feelings. Every memory shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram including #CRY4Friends will appear on the linked website:
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